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Eating insects in a Mexican Restaurant in Barcelona - HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR

Entomophagy, consuming insects as food, is very popular in some places while beeing considered very strange and even unpleasant in others.

Well I’ve been vegetarian for 6 years now but I couldn’t stay with the unknown flavor of an insect.

In some places of the world it is recommended to eat insects because of the large amount of protein they contain as well as the low amount of fat. This makes insects a very healthy option and nutritious diet.

Natalia, my mentor in Barcelona knew a Mexican restaurant that sells insects, some of the most popular in Mexico.

I dared to try them and this was my impression —->

Comiendo insectos en un restaurante mexicano en Barcelona 

La entomofagia, comer insectos como alimento, es muy popular en algunos lugares del mundo y en otros algo muy extraño y hasta desagradable.

Pues yo soy vegetariano hace 6 años, pero no me podía quedar con la incógnita del sabor de un insecto.

Hoy en algunas partes del mundo se aconseja comer insectos debido a la cantidad importante de proteína que contienen, así como la baja cantidad de grasa.  Lo que hace de los insectos una opción muy saludable y nutritiva en una dieta.

Natalia, mi mentora en Barcelona sabía de un restaurante mexicano que vendía algunos tipos de insectos, de los más populares en México.

Pues me atreví a probarlos y aquí mi reacción——>

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Eat with, a new way to enjoy local homemade food - Month in Barcelona - HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR

I’ve noticed that one of the most difficult things during my trip is finding good restaurants. I love good food, not food for tourists which is often made on a rush and with poor quality products.

I like to find places where local people serve their typical food, something they are used to eat and that can make my mind blow. That is what I’m always looking for but as a tourist it’s not so easy to find these kind of places.

I recently discovered a website that gathers people who are willing to cook for someone in their own house, have interesting conversations and customers who want to eat good for a lower price than in a restaurant.

You can go to to find more information about this kind of experiences!


Yesrterday it was my first dinner at a family’s home that offers this kind of experience. I call it an experience because as for me, many of these people do this in order to meet interesting people and learn from other cultures.

I received a confirmation mail with the address and contact details and I went. There I was in front of this person’s apartment that was going to serve me dinner at her home. Camila was the name they have given me but that obviously didn’t say anything about the experience I was going to have.

A child about 8 years old opened the door, said hello to me and suddenly there was his little sister who came running to say hello too. She looked younger than him; I was surprised because I didn’t know I was going to have dinner with an entire family.

Behind the kids, there were the parents who greeted me warmly and welcomed me to their home.

I saw many shoes in the entrance of Camila’s apartment and I saw they were barefoot so obviously I concluded that I had to take my shoes off too.

It was a very nice apartment, old but nicely decorated. The table was charmingly arranged, there were candles and the food was almost ready.

We seat at the living room to meet each other and to know a little bit more about the people we were going to share dinner with.

I started telling my story about how Havana Club had invited me to travel and enjoy the world for a year.

Bruno took part in the conversation and asked me: So you’re like paid for traveling and enjoying the world?

- Mom, can I do the same?

Bruno asked me a lot of questions, each one smarter than the previous one. His sister, Olivia, was also following my story.

I felt more and more interested in telling everything from my adventure around the world and I felt they were also very excited about what I was telling them.

We sat at the table and Camila started explaining the menu and what we were going to eat. It was a vegetarian meal and it sounded like I was going to enjoy a high local cuisine.

Israel, her husband, invited us to start eating. Bruno offered himself to serve me each one of the plates.
Bruno had already said that from now on his dream was to make a trip like mine. Olivia, on the other side, said she wanted a unicorn, she said it with such certainty that I’m sure she will find her unicorn someday.

When leaving, Bruno asked his mom, can we see Julián again? He approached and hugged me. Olivia came and hugged me too.
At that moment I felt incredibly happy, so grateful to life for letting me know people like them.

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A person falling into a colorful city. Month in Barcelona - HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR


A person falling into a colorful city. Month in Barcelona - HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR

La Boquería Market - Month in Barcelona - HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR

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